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Wedding Flowers Packages Belfast 

Mostly brides and grooms initially ask us for details about our wedding flower packages, for Belfast and surrounding areas. We understand that a wedding flower package sounds like a stress free option but what we would prefer is to take away the stress and at the same time open up the options, in other words a bespoke wedding flower package.  Our professional florist process does just this, after an initial chat either in person at the flower studio or on the phone we design a wedding flower package that ticks all your boxes.  We will ask a few questions about the venue, the style of dresses and any looks you’ve already identified that youre drawn to and then we create your bespoke wedding flower package. 


There are always trends, some are amazing, some are outrageous, some fade fast and some last for years,  the important thing to remember is you do you, you don't have to follow any of the trends if they just aren’t you.  For example, in regards to bouquets, we are sometimes asked for extra large, wow factor bouquets and while we love the freedom this give us as designers we are very aware these large floral displays are not for all our brides. So don’t worry we won’t present you with an oversized bouquet if thats not where your heart lies, we will listen to your wishes and ask about your dress and create the flower bouquet that’s just right for each bride.


Your wedding flower package will consist of 3 main areas, personal flowers, ceremony flowers and flowers for the ‘Wedding breakfast’ -  in other words the traditional title for the first meal the newly married couple share together. Wedding flower packages vary hugely from wedding to wedding but your paperwork shows each item individually listed with any set up and delivery costs itemised too. There are no hidden charges or fees in our wedding flower packages.

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