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It Had To Be You - Twenty Four Red Roses

With twenty four red roses and a plethora of textured foliage this lavish bouquet is all you need to let someone know they are really special!

It Had To Be You - Twenty Four Red Roses

  • If you don't want your flowers to wilt prematurely then do these two things.....

    Re-cut stem ends about 1 cm every other day,

    Change water every other day,


    Warning: reading on may cause you to gain extra knowledege that could result in your flowers lasting longer for the rest of your life ......

    Flowers are delicate and transient, and it's something about these traits makes all them all the more special.  The lifespan of your cut flowers depends on the water take up, so creating the optimum conditions for efficient drinking is very key.

    The water travels by callipary action - taken up by millions of tiny straws running up the stem. Over time the water pressure below the waterline causes the open ends of these straws to collapse, much like a paper straw would do half way through using it. This is why we need you to  re-cut the stem ends regularly - leaving them full of open ended 'straws' .... to drink what is hopefully fresh water! Bacteria will breed in any body of water left sitting for long periods, and will also speed up the collapse of the 'straws' so when you're refreshing the stem ends, change your water too. 

    That's it! 

    We guarantee that if you follow these two instructions correctly you will have improved time and blooming experiences with your flowers. 

    Much love,

    The Stables Team!

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